IC002: Feedback On Pitches and Relationships With Guests

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What do podcast hosts think of your pitch to be a guest on their show?

In today’s episode, Margy and Jessica are joined by Interview Connection’s client Damion Lupo. Damion shares his essential feedback about how podcast hosts perceive the unique introduction he receives from Interview Connections bookers. And later, Adam Hommey of the Business Creators’ Radio Show gives his tips for exploiting the brilliance and passion of guests on his podcast.

Missed Connections

This week’s missed connection is more of a missed synapse! Jessica and Aaron Walker were outside just before speaking on John Lee Dumas’ panel, at this year’s Social Media Marketing World and Aaron asked Jessica “How is Interview Valet going?”

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Damion Lupo Client Feedback

Damion says many hosts are impressed on how they were contacted by the Interview Connection’s team. They are engaging with the podcast hosts, and it shows they are paying attention. It’s unique, and it completely changes the dynamic. It also adds third-party validation. There is value in having someone else introduce you.

Embrace feedback even if it’s bad, because it is an opportunity to learn. — Damion Lupo

Damion also gives Jessica some advice on how to deliver her book, to make it rise above the rest.

Listen to Why Entrepreneurs are Investing in Podcast Interviews with Damion Lupo

Adam Hommey

Adam talks about relationship building, and how his intake process helps to shine a light on the guest’s brilliance and passion.

Help! How Do I Make My Podcast Guest Shine?

● Have the podcast guest supply interview questions.

● Connect with the guest on social media before the interview.

● Ask the guest for pronunciation of their name.

● Have the podcast guest fill out an intake form.

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Help! I Want to Shine as a Podcast Guest

● Have your One Sheet ready, and get it to the host asap.

● Have all of your information in one place.

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