125: Why Entrepreneurs Are Investing in Podcasts

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Interview Connections’ client case studies are the focus of today’s podcast. Damion Lupo talks about his podcast guest expert strategy, the growth of his business since he started being a guest on podcasts, and why he’s committed to this strategy.  Later, Rene Brent tells how getting interviewed has sold her book all over the world, why size doesn’t matter when it comes to podcasts, and her tips for being a great podcast guest.

Damion Lupo Interview

Damion Lupo and his business partner were looking for a way to share their message with the online community. They wanted to be in listeners’ minds and ears, every day. He wanted omnipresence.

Damion told Jessica he wanted to do 50 interviews a month! She needed to scale up Interview Connections, which included dedicating a guest booker just for the Total Control Financial account.

Damion is succeeding at his hefty goal, even though for each podcast he budgets 2-3 hours per show to listen to previous episodes and to consider the audience. For him, it’s about adapting to what the host needs. He wants to get his face and voice out there. Damion believes the people we pay attention to are being vulnerable. Touching people emotionally drives buying decisions.

Damion sends the host intro material, and always asks, “How can I help you to get this message out, and how can I help you in general during the interview?”

Damien says as a guest he needs to be open to a wide range of audiences and different podcasts. It just takes one person to reach out to make it worth it.  The best networking comes from 30-minute one-on-one conversations. It’s really about the relationship you make with the host.

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Rene Brent Interview

Rene Brent is an author, clinical hypnotherapist, speaker, and a guest expert on podcasts, and she will be on Jessica’s panel at Podfest in Orlando, Feb 23rd-25th. When Rene was launching her How Big is Your But? book, people told her podcasts were a good idea, but she had reservations. After a friend mentioned Jessica and her team, Interview Connections ads popped up all over Rene’s screen. She decided it was a sign to move forward with her long-term strategy. Rene wanted to set herself up as an expert with a consistent message.

Tangible results Rene has experienced becoming a guest expert:

● New clients

● Increased book sales

● Connections to people who share what they learned from the podcast

Rene’s tips to be a great guest on podcasts:

● Relax and be natural

● Focus on your intentions

● Reflect your passions

Rene also says it doesn’t matter which kinds of shows she’s on or who the audience is, as she’s becoming a better guest through real one-on-one conversations. She puts the podcast on her website.

Content marketing is powerful in attracting clients and closing sales.

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