IC003: How Many Downloads Is Good?

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In today’s episode, Margy and Jessica answer common questions to dispel myths about podcast numbers, and how the team at Interview Connections chooses which podcasts they pitch their clients to. The Interview Connections team schedules 400+ interviews a month, so they are the experts!

Missed Connections

This week’s missed connection is from Margy whose ability to follow up is noteworthy.

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Podcast Guest Booking FAQ’s

Jessica and Margy delve into the facts and figures behind the top questions asked by Interview Connection clients.

●What is the audience size of the show you are pitching me on?

It’s not about the audience size it’s about your target market.

Why total downloads may not be a good measuring stick.

How to severely limit your opportunities.

● How does the Interview Connections team choose the podcasts they pitch clients to?

What is the guest’s goal as it relates to their business?

Does the podcast have relevant content?

What is the production quality of the podcast?

How established is the podcast?

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Rocking the Other Side of the Mic

How does Interview Connection help hosts find the right guests?

● Know your podcast goals.

● Finding credible guests.

● Have a ‘One Sheet’ for your podcast.

● Go offline; Don’t be afraid of the phone.

● Use a scheduling link.

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