IC001: Before, During & After a Podcast Interview

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Jessica and Margy kick off the first official episode of the Interview Connections podcast, with a new segment aptly named Missed Connections, and a recording of the live session of Jessica’s panel from the Podfest Multimedia Expo.

Missed Connections

Jessica has been pitching podcasts for over 4 years. Her company, Interview Connections, books over 400 interviews a month. She fondly remembers her favorite missed connection when a podcast host simply replied “Unsubscribe.”

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Interview Connection’s Panel at Podfest 2017 — Getting Booked as a Podcast Guest

Guest experts, Marty McDonald, Dave Sanderson, and Rene Brent join Jessica on stage, to discuss the importance of a pre-call, how to get paid speaking gigs by being a podcast guest (ROI), and how they promote the show after it’s live.

The Panel

Marty McDonald — Co-Founder of Bad Rhino Inc. He shares a podcast success story in which his company gained $47K in new revenue after one podcast connection.

Rene Brent — A certified hypnotherapist in Orlando. Rene is the international best-selling author of How Big is Your But? Her goal is to speak on stage, and to accomplish this, she does four podcast interviews a month.

Dave Sanderson — Famed Miracle on the Hudson survivor. His goal is to be an amazing podcast guest which leads to paid speaking gigs.

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Tips from the Panel

● Listen to the show before you are a guest.

● Become familiar with the host.

● The host is the most important audience member.

● Have the host’s name in front of you.

● Insert a podcast clip into your applications for speaking gigs.

● Show enthusiasm when promoting the podcast, by linking it on all your social media platforms, and sending it to your email list.

● Use podcasts as new content for your company’s site.

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