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How to be successful with your Pinterest marketing

be-successful-with-pinterestOver 80% of pins are repins, so when you add content to Pinterest, it goes viral, exposing you to hundreds upon thousands of other pinners. Pinterest users are in discovery mode on the site.  Pinterest is a phenomenal search engine to thousands of people seeking helpful information.  Pinterest is a visual platform, so regardless of all the strategies you can use, the bottom line is that you need eye catching, custom graphics to promote you and your business.

If you have a website with valuable information that will educate people, you need to be using custom graphics on Pinterest in order to drive targeted traffic.

There are two basic kinds of pins that will drive traffic to your website:

  • Custom infographics, which are long and skinny graphics that summarize information from a podcast, chapter of a book, or special report and
  • Square graphics with one picture and some ‘teaser’ text, meaning a caption about what the pin links to.

Both of these custom pins drive more traffic to my client’s websites from Pinterest than any other social platform, AND  Pinterest users stay on their site 3 times longer than visitors who are referred from Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.

In order to find success in your marketing on Pinterest, put all your focus on delivering value to your followers with the use of eye catching graphics that link to your website.  If you do this consistently, you will quickly see Pinterest referring targeted traffic to your website more than any other social network!

Let ESS help you create custom graphics for Pinterest!  Email me at to get started.

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