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Be Intentional

I have made a huge effort recently to be incredibly intentional about whom I spend my time with and what information I consume on a day-to-day basis, and from whom I consume information.

From the podcasts I listen to, to the Facebook groups I participate in, and the mastermind groups I engage with, I am strategic and purposeful about each and every one.

My goal is to grow Interview Connections to a million dollar company and because of that goal I intentionally surround myself with entrepreneurs who have million-dollar companies or businesses that are in the high six figures. Interview Connections is currently in the low six figures.

One podcast I listen to several times a week is Ask Gary V. The reason I choose to subscribe to this show (or shooooooow for those who also listen, you’ll get that reference!) is because Gary Vaynerchuk is a millionaire entrepreneur with a large service based business much like Interview Connections is.

I listen to Ali Brown‘s podcast because she is a millionaire entrepreneur who has two year old twins! She talks about how she rented an office space outside her home after she had kids so I can relate to that part of her story as well. Up until last month I worked from home and now I work in a remote office.

Another example of an entrepreneur I look up to is Mike Agugliaro. Mike has a $26 million dollar service business. Because of his success in growing a large service company, I follow him on Facebook, I watch his videos, and even better, I am in a mastermind group with him!

And with that being said, I invest in the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching program because everyone in that group is an entrepreneur that takes massive action in their business and has big goals for where they want to go with their businesses.

How intentional are you about the people you spend your time with? Look around. What podcasts do you listen to? Are the hosts and guests on those podcast in a place that you would like to take your business to? What Facebook groups are you in? Are you constantly answering questions but rarely finding yourself asking other members for support?