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Pinterest tip: Create your own content!

blogOver 80% of the content on Pinterest is re-pinned, meaning it’s just being circulated through the site from other users.  As a Pinterest marketer, it is very smart to add your own images to Pinterest.


When you create your own images to add to Pinterest there are a few things to keep in mind-

1) Make sure your images attractive, eye-catching and tell a story

2) Add text to your images and have a ‘call to action,’ such as “Click here to learn more”

3) Your images should not be more than 600 pixels in width or else they will not show up on the main feed or be resized, reducing the quality of the image.  Images that are longer than 1000px will get clicked on a lot more because they stand out on the Pinterest feed!


A few tools to create your own images are-

1) It’s free and you don’t even need an account! Just upload your picture and you can resize it, add text, and add fun effects

2) This site is also free and is great for adding text to images or making inspirational quotes look great!

3) This is a great site for making infographics.  There is a free version with a select number of themes, or you can invest in the annual pro version and get high quality infographic themes to design and personalize!


Be creative and have fun!


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