How Often Should I Release my Podcast?

rockthecast | Apr 30, 2015


When we start working with a new client at Interview Connections, our first question is always ‘how often will you release an episode?’ Will it be once a month? Every other week? Weekly? Twice a week, three times a week or… Dare I say it, daily?

And usually, we hear an answer followed by a reason like ‘… Because it seems like the most successful podcasters release x podcasts a week.’ Or ‘….Because if I release x number podcasts a month than I’ll get more downloads.’

We work with dozens of podcasters at Interview Connections and have booked guests for hundreds of shows over the last several years so my advice here is not based on what works for my show because what works for my show may not work for you.

So, how often should you release an episode?

It depends! 

There is no secret formula or science around how often you should release an episode. The most important part is that you commit to a release schedule that you can keep up with for a long time. Sure, you may be able to buckle down and record 30 podcasts this month and have a daily podcast…. But do you have the bandwidth to stick to that for the next year, two years, etc?

You may have read this blog post in hopes that I’d tell you how often to release an episode. I’m sorry to disappoint you because I simply cannot tell you! But I do hope this post helps you consider your options and not just do what ‘Joe’ or ‘Susie’ podcaster down the street are doing.

After all, the most successful people forge their own path and stick to it!

The_Podcast_ProducersOutsourcing tasks in your podcast can be a big help in making sure the show gets done. Check out this episode of The Podcast Producers, a show co-hosted by Corey Coates and myself, for information on outsourcing tasks in your podcast vs. doing it yourself.


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