How to be prepared as a podcast guest

rockthecast | Sep 23, 2015

HOW-TO-BE-PREPAREDEach podcast interview you do will be slightly different. Different shows have different flows and while some hosts will ask you the questions you provide on your one sheet, others will be totally conversational and ask you only questions that they thought of.

To be most prepared for your podcast interviews as a guest, follow these simple tips:

  1. Take the time to read all emails sent to you from the host, including any show flow pages they link to.
  2. Listen to at least one episode of their podcast prior to recording your interview with them.
  3. Send the host your one sheet, including your bio, suggested topics or questions, your contact information (Skype name) and your headshot.
  4. Ask the host if they need anything else from you!

The more prepared you are for your interviews; the more smoothly they will go!

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