How to Make it to Episode 100

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success we celebrate episode 100! I talk video marketing and reveal why it took me more than a year to record my first podcast. I also share my personal tips on how to get to 100 episodes, the top 5 most downloaded episodes, and the ultimate resource list for podcasters. 

Key Lessons Learned:

Video Marketing

  • Your first few episodes are going to suck, so accept it, just move through it, and get better.
  • For the majority of the videos, a Canon HD is used, and more recently an iPhone 6 without a lapel microphone.
  • Use music as your audio branding.
  • Get clear on your message.
  • Practice getting right to the point.
  • Evolve with what works for you and the audience.
  • It’s okay to not know the tagline and hashtag on Day One.

Tips to Get to 100 Episodes

  • Stay committed and keep doing it.   
  • Start your podcast with a clear focus on the show.
  • Remember, you are doing your show for your listeners but also for yourself.
  • If you change the show or branding, let it evolve and just keep going.
  • Put yourself out there more and take your marketing seriously.
  • Don’t obsess over your stats!
  • Not every show needs to have a huge audience. Mine has 200 downloads within the week of release.
  • Remember, your listeners are listening for you not your guests. They should like them, but they don’t show up for them.
  • If you are bored, seek out someone who is doing a show you like and mastermind with them.

The Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of Rhodes to Success

1. How to Make a Career Following your Passion (Maura Sweeny) – 745 downloads

2. Video Marketing Made Easy (Mimika Cooney) – 452 downloads

3. How to Work with Millennials (Lee Caraher)

4. Virtual Assistant Support (Lyndsay Philips) – 394 downloads

5. Build Your Business by Appearing as a Guest (Tom Schwab) – 392 downloads


  • Stats will tell you what people are coming to your podcast for.
  • Look at your download stats and analyze them rather than getting sad, frustrated, or happy for the wrong reasons.

Who to Work With in Podcasting

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What are the secrets to getting to 100 episodes in your podcast? Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz

What are the top 5 downloaded episodes on Rhodes to Success and why? Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz

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