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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Mimika Cooney, who is known as the Go-to Video Marketing Expert. She is a TV host, interviewer, published author, and videographer. Mimika is an international award-winning photographer, public speaker, and online marketing strategist. She has worked as a television broadcaster, and now hosts her own web TV show and helps entrepreneurs and experts harness the power of video marketing to build business brands through her online course. During the show, we discuss video and authenticity, how to make your videos look good, video platforms, and creating content.


Key Lessons Learned:

Video & Authenticity

  • Video is the next best thing to meeting someone in person.
  • You can’t fake it on video. Communication is mostly non-verbal.
  • People will relate to you more if you aren’t always super perfect and put together.
  • People can’t last in business and life pretending to be someone they aren’t.
  • You can mess up, and it makes you endearing.



  • 78% of website traffic is now video related.
  • People aren’t necessarily interested in what you look like, but are more interested in the content.
  • Don’t get stuck in your head and kill the idea before you have time to birth it.
  • Video is cheap, so start where you are and improve as you go.
  • Test a few platforms and see what is best for you.



  • This can be done live on your iPhone.
  • At most, you need a tripod and microphone.
  • This is live TV with audience interaction.
  • This is connected to your Twitter account.



  • This is like Google Hangouts and Periscope.
  • Live to air, but viewable post-broadcast.
  • This can be consistent and a weekly appointment.
  • Production quality is low.
  • Uploadable to YouTube and WordPress.


Making Your Videos Look Good


  • Ensure the sound is good. This can even trump the video quality.
  • Buy a lavalier microphone on Amazon for around $18 that can attach to your shirt.



  • Uneven light in videos crates distrust with the audience.
  • Test if your lighting is good, and monitor whether you can see the color of your eyes.
  • Face the light and make sure you have even light.
  • Avoid backlighting.



  • The camera quality on the iPhone 6S is equivalent to a 4K.
  • 4K is 4,000 pixels. A lot of movies are recorded on 4K cameras.
  • Pixels are the tiny dots on a screen, and the more dots you have the clearer the image.


Creating content

  • Don’t just upload to YouTube and link on Facebook, as your reach will be low.
  • Upload directly to Facebook, and use the native feature on your business page.
  • Short videos of 2-3 minutes get more engagement and are seen more than longer videos.
  • People don’t care about you and your story; they care about what’s in it for them.
  • Get the best content out in the beginning in order to hook the viewer.


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