How to book, schedule and manage podcast guests 

How-to-book-graphicIf you want to have a successful, well-respected and highly recommended podcast, then you need to make it super easy for your guests to get booked and scheduled! After all, if your guests enjoy their experience not only during the interview but before and after the recording, they’ll become a raving fan and brand ambassador for your podcast.

First, make sure your ask is clear and specific and they have an understanding of what you want to talk to them about during the interview. A confused guest is a frustrated guest!

Next, make the scheduling process super easy. I recommend using a scheduled like Schedule Once. However, sometimes guests will not want to use a software and prefer a more personal touch. Never hesitate to call them and schedule a time manually.

Ask your guest for only what you need, not everything you want. Request the contact info you will need the day of the interview (skype name and back up phone number), a brief bio or preferred intro, headshot, and any preferred suggestions or talking points. Communicate the fact that you ask for talking points so that you can steer to conversation to focus on the topic that will best spotlight them!

If the guest doesn’t schedule within 2 business days, or they don’t send you their info, send a friendly reminder and follow up. Chances are they forgot!

Send a confirmation email before the recording with whatever info they need to be prepared for the interview (your questions, your skype name), and most importantly, connect on social media and start building a relationship!


3 thoughts on “How to book, schedule and manage podcast guests 

  1. Hey Jessica great post! I have been trying to use Google Calendar as I batch guests from different countries on one day and the task of getting all the times right is a HUGE task. I briefly checked out the Schedule Once you mention and it seems ok however I still dont think I am likely to get mass adoption. I guess the scheduling task is often best still a manual task.
    Your point about making their experience enjoyable for the guests is def a priority for me, thanks for your insights!

  2. I’m glad this post was helpful to you, Isaac! What is your podcast?

  3. Noob Spearo Podcast > Helping people get better at spearfishing. We interview spearfishing experts, authorities and characters from around the world. Thanks for asking:) I am going to listen in to a few of your episodes and hopefully get some more tips!

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