Why Podcast Interviews Are Win-Win

rockthecast | Jun 28, 2013


One of my most valuable services I offer is getting my clients scheduled for interviews on podcast and radio shows.  I truly do enjoy this work because I am helping them get great (free) exposure to a large audience.  I also love interacting with the hosts of these shows.  I have had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting some inspiring and hard working people through this work, so I wanted to share a little about my experiences and what they have taught me.

What I love about most podcast hosts is how their passion for what they do and what they talk about on their podcasts really comes through the mic.  Most podcasters don’t get paid directly for producing a podcast.  It’s a strategic business decision to connect with successful entrepreneurs, deliver valuable content to their listeners, and help them and their guests get exposure.

If you are a podcast host, and someone reaches out to you wanting to be interviewed, be sure to take the time to see who this potential guest is.  Could they provide valuable information to your audience?  Is this someone that could grow your audience?

If you are an entrepreneur, author, speaker, or expert, and a host reaches out to you wanting to interview you, think about how this could help you.  This is earned media.  Free exposure.  Even if their audience is tiny, maybe they are just getting started and they have 20 listeners, one of those 20 listeners could be your next client.  Or maybe all those 20 listeners get some valuable information from you and they all
My point is, podcast interviews are a win-win situation.  They are about building relationships, growing each other’s followings, and delivering valuable content and information to the listeners. build their businesses because of it.  That should be worth 30-60 minutes of your time.

So if you are in the podcast biz or you are an entrepreneur who gets interviewed, remember you are doing this to help your listeners and your following learn and grow, because that will help you learn and grow as well.

I’ve been in the online entrepreneurship world for about 8 months and I have been overwhelmed with how much integrity, generosity, and spirit the people I have met have.   Don’t lose that when you make it big.  Don’t brush people off and think “are they good enough for my podcast” or “are they good enough for me to be on their podcast.”   Every interview you do is going to help someone, it’s going to teach someone, and you’re going to build more relationships because of it.

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