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Who Actually Listens to Podcasts?

Who-Actually-ListensA big question a lot of people have (even podcast hosts themselves!) is “Who actually listens to podcasts?”

Even though podcasts have been around for over ten years, it’s a relatively new kind of media and entrepreneurs are still learning how powerful they are as a way to market and grow a business, both as a host and a guest. As a host, you have the ability to bring valuable content to your audience that they can consume on their own time. As a guest, you are able to build extremely valuable relationships with the hosts and listeners of the podcasts on which you appear. This all leads to new leads, fans and revenue for you!

Here are some interesting facts about podcast listeners:

-Podcast listeners consume podcasts while they’re often doing other things, like washing the dishes, taking a walk or driving in the car.
-Podcast listeners feel like they really know the host, and feel like they’re friends with the host and guests before they ever actually meet them.
-Podcast listeners are so passionate because podcasts have the ability to bring information, content and entertainment that can change lives.

If you intend to use podcasting as a way to market your business, I encourage you to learn about and understand who is listening to podcasts. Listen to the first episode of The Podcast Producers to learn more about who’s actually listening to podcasts.

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