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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Kelly Glover, who is an Aussie gal living large in Hollywood, California. She is a plus size blogger, podcaster, and virtual assistant. Kelly has recently taken her personal blog, Big Curvy Love, and launched a podcast. During the show, Jessica and Kelly discuss how to come up with a good brand name, what it takes to start a blog, the art of personal content creation, and tips for podcast interviewers and guests.


Main Questions Asked:

  • Talk about choosing a good blog, website, and podcasting name.
  • How long did it take to get an episode live on iTunes?
  • What’s it been like building out a blog?
  • Where did you find a designer to do your logo?
  • Is the blog something that generates revenue or a personal passion project?
  • What do you do with the Facebook page, and how do you use it to engage with your community?
  • Talk about your themed days on the blog.
  • Are you incorporating 50 Fat Dates into your podcast?
  • Do you think more podcasters and bloggers need to be doing more creative things like this to make their content more interesting?
  • Do you prepare questions ahead of time, or do you bring people on who you really like?


Key Lessons Learned:


  • When choosing a brand name, select something that is niche, has keywords, and explains what the brand is.
  • Create a list of brand names, search the internet to see if the domains are available, and see what names competitors in your field are using.
  • If your brand name isn’t searchable in iTunes as the actual podcast show name, change it in Libsyn to incorporate keywords.
  • Choosing your brand’s logo is the gateway to your color palette and branding across all media.
  • Decide on the domain name, create the logo, lock in the color palette, then select a WordPress template for the website.



  • Template Monster and Theme Forrest are good sources for WordPress templates that are customizable on self-hosted WordPress sites. These are usually up to around $75.
  • The Hex code is the color code that designers use for exact colors e.g. #000000 is black. These can be used when you design on Canva and other platforms to ensure you are matching the exact color.
  • Blogs can earn revenue a number of ways, such as through pay per click ads, advertising, affiliates, speaking engagements, and sponsored posts.


Personal Content Creation

  • People tend to get caught in boxes where they only create content around what their podcast is about and keep the business and personal life separate.
  • When you decide on what part of your personal life to share, you need to be able to ask yourself, “If an employer or client saw my content, would I be happy with that?”
  • These days there is no ‘business life’ and ‘personal life;’ it is just ‘life.’


Being Yourself & Communication

  • Readers and listeners want to know about the person.
  • If your audience trusts you and likes you, then they are more likely to do business with you if they believe in you.
  • Improvisation classes help develop quick thinking and decrease self-doubt.



  • Record a fake show, listen back to yourself, and transcribe your script to hear what your crutch words are.
  • Learning to speak slower will improve your communication.
  • If someone can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ then that is a bad question. Also, if that is their only answer, they are bad guest.
  • There is an art to being a good interviewer and also to being a good guest.
  • Learning not to talk over others and cut people off during an interview is another great skill to learn.
  • Have at least three questions prepared for your interview.


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