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What Every Author Ought to Know about Podcast Interviews

What Every Author Ought to Know about Podcast Interviews


You did it! You wrote your book. The manuscript is done and is in the hands of your editor. Now, it’s time to plan your launch. I know you’re tired. Writing a book is like birthing a baby; you put your heart and soul into the content and when the writing is done, you just want to take a nap.

So set your alarm, because if you don’t plan for a successful launch, no one will even know you wrote a book!

With the rise in popularity of self-publishing and independently run book launches, podcast interviews are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for authors to hit the bestseller list and get more books into the hands of potential clients.

After working with dozens of authors at Interview Connections who use podcast interviews to get exposure for their books, I’ve compiled three top tips that will help you have a successful book launch!


1) Start Getting Booked 4-6 Months Before Your Launch

A lot of authors come to Interview Connections a month before their launch and say they want to get booked on a bunch of shows to promote their book, but this is such poor planning! Credible agencies (such as Interview Connections) will need at least one month to do a Discovery Process to gather the information that is needed to find shows that will be the best fit for you, and to get hosts to say yes.

Start the booking process at least 4-6 months before your book launches so there is plenty of time to get you booked on top podcasts. This also provides you and the host with the option of airing your interview the week of your book’s release.

Start booking podcast interviews to promote your book 4-6 months before your book launch! (Tweet this!)


2) In the Pitch, Focus on Value, Not Your Book

When you have a book to promote, it is tempting to pitch podcasters and tell them all about your book. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most hosts don’t care about your book. They care about providing value to their audience.

When you pitch podcasters, focus on the valuable content that you have to teach their audience. You can mention your book launch, but don’t let that be the focus of your pitch.

When pitching podcasters, focus on value, not what you want to sell to their listeners. (Tweet this!)


3) Ask For What You Want

After you get accepted as a guest, thank the host! Make sure they know just how incredibly grateful you are to be interviewed on their podcast. Then, let them know what date your book is launching. Ask, “Would it be possible to record our interview with enough time for the show to go live that week?”

After you record your interview, ask the host when the interview will go live. Again, you can simply ask “Is it possible to launch my interview the week of my book launch?” It doesn’t hurt to tell the host you’ll be promoting your interviews a ton that week! This shows the host if they publish your interview that week, they will also get exposure for their podcast.

If you want your podcast interview to go live the week of your book launch, just ask the host! (Tweet this!)


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