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How to Get More Podcast Listeners to Visit Your Website

Podcast listeners often tune into your show (as a guest or a host; this post is for both parties!) through an app on their iPad or iPhone or other mobile device. They listen while their driving, going for a walk, doing dishes or exercising. In short, they aren’t always sitting in front of a computer when they’re listening, and even when they are, they’re working or doing other things so visiting your website isn’t something they can do.

In order to get listeners to visit your website, there must be a clear, strong, and easy-to-understand call to action that they do not forget about!

Your call to action must be CLEAR: What are you offering to the listener if they visit your website? Is the value clearly defined? If it’s a special report or give away of some sort, does it clearly relate to the value you just shared in the podcast episode?

Your call to action must be STRONG: When I think of ‘strength’ I picture someone or something that is very sure of themselves, that cannot be easily walked on and knows that the value they have and their purpose is not up for debate. Is your call to action something that is irresistible to listeners? When you make your call to action, is the tone in your voice communicating the fact that you KNOW without a doubt that your offer WILL help that listener?

Your call to action must be EASY TO UNDERSTAND: Whatever your call to action is, make it super easy to understand! If your web URL is really long, create a pretty link that shortens it! Also, there should only be ONE step in your call to action. Do not ask listeners to visit this website, go to that social media page, and send you an email. Give them one clear instruction to act on!

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