What 6 Years of Door to Door Canvassing Taught Me About Cold Emailing

rockthecast | May 7, 2014

My career before entrepreneurship was a fun and adventure filled life of canvassing door to door for an environmental non profit. Knocking on doors 4 hours per day, 5 days per week, asking strangers who did not know I was coming for money, signatures, and hand written letters.

It takes a rare breed to do this.

Or does it?

That career taught me the incredibly valuable and profitable skill of sales.

Today, I run a business where I book podcast guests. I send hundreds of ‘cold emails’ and ask people for their time and expertise in an interview and I offer them no compensation.

The skills I learned going door to door are the same skills I use today! Watch this episode of Interview Connections TV to hear more about how I apply these skills to Interview Connections!


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