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Tips for Your First Podcast Interview

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A lot of entrepreneurs that I work with at Interview Connections are experts in their industry but have not yet started getting media exposure through podcast interviews. And for those entrepreneurs who are more introverted or even those who are extroverted sometimes get very nervous before interviews.

Podcasts are here to stay. They are changing the game for how businesses get media exposure. No longer do you need to only be spending money on press releases and going after traditional news outlets. With podcasts, you can get in front of your target market and have an intimate and honest conversation about your business and your authentic self.

So don’t shy away from podcast interviews! If you are nervous, here are some tips to get started:

  1. Prepare interview questions for the host and before the interview, write out word for word what you would say to answer the questions. You shouldn’t read your answers in the interview but by writing those out beforehand, it will help make you more comfortable during the call.
  2. Practice! Practice by pretending to interview yourself or practice with your mentor or your coach. Interviews on podcasts are similar to a one on one conversation but they are a little different because they need to be engaging and entertaining for an audience.
  3. Just start. The best way to be a great guest is to get interviewed a lot. Your first interview may suck, but that’s okay! Just keep getting yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone. That is the only way you will grow!

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