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Social Media Tricks to Promote Your Podcast

On this week’s episode of Interview Connections TV  I share some tricky but totally effective tricks you can use on social media to get way more exposure to your podcast!

It really amazes me how many podcasters miss out on this opportunity. You can hear my tips in the video but I’ll write them for you here as well:

  • Tag your guest in your Facebook post or Twitter tweet so they are notified. This makes it way easier for them to share it and promote it! Guests are way more likely to simply ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ your post rather than share the post from your website. Check out this screenshot of my post promoting Jon Taffer’s interview on Stick Like Glue Radio . Notice how I tagged Jon in the post…
  • Because I tagged Jon…he liked it! Do you know what happened? Jon’s fans saw in their news feed “Jon Taffer liked Jessica Rhodes’ post”
  • And you know what Jon did next? He wrote a comment saying “Thank you for having me” and his fans saw in their newsfeed “Jon Taffer wrote a comment on Jessica Rhodes’ post”
  • Then- he shared it! And over 160 people liked the post!


So if you’re thinking to yourself, “My guests aren’t promoting their interviews!” Well, my response is- to make it easier! Promote the show yourself (it’s YOUR show isn’t it?) and use these tips to leverage your guest’s following.

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