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Helpful business hint: Put a sign on your door!

If there is one thing I have learned since becoming a business owner, everyone has strengths that they can profit from.  Some keys to success in your business ventures are to be confident, never give up, have a coach who can offer wisdom and expertise as you get started and grow your business, and don’t be sloppy or let your weaknesses/shortcomings show.

I just got back from an appointment with a dermatologist; their practice is very new to the area.  I knew I had arrived because the street address was highly visible in the building (lucky for them).  But when I went inside the office building, no signs pointed me to the correct office!  I blindly went into another office to ask where my doctor was located.  I was not a happy patient.

They were efficient, the receptionist was very nice, and the doctor saw me immediately and had me out quickly.  But as a paying patient, I left that office thinking more about how confusing and frustrating it was not to be able to find their office when I first arrived.

My point is this: You can be the best at what you do (in this case, be a great dermatologist), but if another part of your business (practice in this case) is sloppy, you’re going to risk losing paying customers or patients.  It’s not that hard- if you don’t have time to order the signage for your office, pay someone.  I bet the sign business would be more than happy to get the business!