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Up-Level Your Business With The Right Plan For Success

Engineering A Plan For Success

The two important aspects of your success equation are a positive mindset and playfulness.

Margy discusses how important it is to cultivate a positive mindset and the right types of thoughts. This is something she’s always done for herself but she didn’t really ever think about it. Now as a coach, Margy is learning how to vocalize it and help others on the same journey. And for Margy, it truly has been a journey! 

Margy came from a place of being really miserable for a really long time. When she was younger, she found the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book helped Margy realize that maybe the story she had been telling herself about her life wasn’t the whole story. At first, she really didn’t want to read this book. Margy didn’t want to change, and she was afraid of the truth. Sometimes when you create this world that is so small and so negative, there is a big part of you that just wants to defend it. 

Margy’s transformation was not like flipping a switch.

It wasn’t as if Margy read this book and then stopped being depressed. She wasn’t transformed in that moment of reading that book, but that was what started it. After reading, Margy became much more open-minded and more open to personal development. It has been and remains a lifelong journey. 

Learning how to be present is transformational and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Jess asks Margy about how her own thoughts play into her success equation.

24 hours a day, Margy is watching her thoughts. She never stops. This practice took a lot of time to get into. She started noticing both her thoughts and her feelings. It’s really hard to watch every thought, so a really good indicator is to watch your feelings. For Margy, your feelings are much more important to your positive mindset than your thoughts.

Margy recommends that we get acquainted with who we are. Ask yourself, “What stories do I tell about myself? Are they 100% true?” Find those, dig those out. 

Jess asks Margy about how she incorporates fun and playfulness into her success equation.

Margy feels like her most true self when she is having fun and being playful. It is so important to her to be able to still work and have fun. When she is working on projects alone, she can feel very isolated. Margy really likes the energy of collaboration and playfulness while working with other people. 

On the note of playfulness, Margy recently experienced her first Disney trip. She was always a Disney skeptic. But when she went and experienced it with an open mind, Margy absolutely loved it. She loved that you got to play as an adult. Three or four days of play as an adult just doesn’t usually happen. She was able to fully immerse herself in play and really enjoyed it.

Margy reminds us that you can look back 10 years and see that you’re a different person. But we can’t look 10 years ahead and know what we’ll be like. We think we’re done; we know we’ve been growing, but we always think we’re in our final state. However, we don’t know what’s possible for us because we can’t imagine it. 

If you’re in a failure right now, it feels like that’s the end of your story. But it isn’t! Don’t get discouraged. You can always come back. There’s nothing you can’t come back from![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]