5 Things You Need to be a Great Podcast Guest

rockthecast | May 11, 2015


In Michael Stelzner’s opening keynote at Social Media Marketing World 2015, he talked about the power of podcasting and he told his 2,000 attendees that getting interviewed on other shows as a guest is a great way to market your business!

Here are 5 things you need to be a great podcast guest:

1. Come to the interview prepared. Listen to the podcast before you record your interview so you know the host’s interview style and format. When I interviewed Michael Stelzner on my podcast, Rhodes to Success, he asked me before we started recording, ‘who is your audience; who is this content aimed at?’ Knowing that info helped Michael tailor his answers to my listeners and it was an excellent way to start the interviewed well prepared.

2. Connect with the podcaster on social media to start building the relationship or offer to hop on a Skype call for a pre interview chat. Nile Nickel, host of the popular internet radio show and podcast, Social Media Business Hour, and a long time client of Interview Connections, says that an interview goes a lot better when he and his guest connect before the recording, that way the listeners don’t have to listen to your small talk and ice breakers!

3. An interview one sheet and questions prepared. Let’s face it: getting interviewed on podcasts is very similar to getting media exposure! It’s new media, but many old media rules still apply. For example, you’d be hard pressed to find an expert or speaker in the media who doesn’t have a press kit/ speaker sheet/ one sheet with questions for reporters to ask.

4. Professional headshot. MOST podcasts will accompany your interview post with a graphic or your photo. Be a great guest by sending your photo to the host and make sure it’s high resolution; no thumbnails! If you don’t send your photo, the host may take their pick from your Facebook page.

5. Promote it!! After you’re interviewed, do your part and share it. Retweet the host’s tweets, like, comment and share the interview on Facebook, and consider including a link to your interview in your ezine or on your blog.

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