The Mirror Concept



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The Mirror Concept


Jess and Margy are the co owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness.

On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess and Margy discuss the mirror concept in business. When it comes to your team, your employee’s performance is always a mirror of your leadership. If your employees are not meeting goals and expectations, ask yourself, “How does this reflect my leadership?” By asking yourself that question, that is how you will grow as a leader.

The mirror concept expands further to the results you see in your business. The types of leads you are attracting mirror the systems, marketing, and messaging that you have in place, so it’s incredibly important to look at what content you’re putting out. If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s because you don’t have the correct systems, marketing, and messaging in place. Are the actions you’re taking mirroring that result that you want to see in your business?

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