Breakdowns and Breakthroughs



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Jess and Margy are the co owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness.

On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess and Margy talk about having breakdowns and breakthroughs in your business. Sometimes as business owners, when we feel like things are failures and when we feel like things are going wrong, we need to realize that those “failures” or breakdowns were actually a path to something better: a breakthrough.

It’s really helpful to reframe breakdowns and failures as not something that is negative but something that comes just before a breakthrough. Those failures are not pushing you off the path to success, they are the path to success. Covid was a huge setback for many businesses, including us here at Interview Connections. However, we started implementing things in our business during covid that have made us stronger. We asked ourselves, during this time, how can we create more community and more value?

What have the last 6 months looked like for you? What setbacks have you had? What breakdowns did you experience? And what breakthroughs and lightbulb moments have you had because of those setbacks? 

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