Attachment Theory with Thais Gibson



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Attachment Theory with Thais Gibson

Jess and Margy are the co owners of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. This is the podcast where you will learn all about podcast guesting and how to leverage podcast interviews to grow your brand awareness.

On today’s episode of Rock the Podcast, Jess speaks with Interview Connections client Thais Gibson: author, speaker and co-creator of the Personal Development School. Thais is extremely passionate about personal growth, the subconscious mind and connecting with others. With an MA and over 13 different certifications ranging from CBT to hypnosis, Thais strives to continuously learn and grow. 

Thais is best known for her contributing work and research on Attachment Theory and the impact of attachment trauma on our adult romantic relationships. She overlaps attachment trauma challenges with personal core wounds, limiting beliefs and emotional patterns at the subconscious level to give us deeper insight into ourselves and our relationships. 

In this episode, Thais explains what exactly attachment trauma is, and how recognizing that trauma is the key to moving forward. She tells us that there is a way to “hack the system” and develop an understanding and awareness of the traumas in our lives. When we are experiencing emotion from a situation, we can ask ourselves, “What meaning was I giving to that situation?” and then question that meaning. Thais explains that self- sabotaging activity is communicating to ourselves what needs we have, and we need to listen to our emotions and extract those needs. Your subconscious mind is trying to serve you, but it doesn’t have your conscious mind on board to create better strategies!

You can connect with Thais at and take a free quiz to understand what your personal attachment style is!

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