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5 Things You Should Do To Get an ROI on Podcast Interviews

At Interview Connections, we work with dozens of successful entrepreneurs and book them on podcasts as a guest expert. Getting interviewed on podcasts is an incredibly effective way to grow your business because they’re all about relationships. You can be the best at what you do and you can be an expert, but in business, you will be able to charge more for what you do, and you will get more clients and customers when you have strong relationships with people in your niche.

Getting interviewed on podcasts is just the beginning of these relationships! Here are 5 things you should do to get a return on investment on podcast interviews and grow your business.

1. Get connected with the host on social media and show your gratitude by sending them a thank you note to them in the mail, rate and review their show on iTunes, and share their podcast on social media (both your interview as well as other episodes you like).

2. Stay in touch with the host continuously after you get interviewed, whether it’s a friendly “I thought of you when reading this blog” email, for example, or recommending another guest for their show, or tweeting with them on Twitter.

3. Reciprocate and present the host to your community! Interview the host on your podcast, feature them in a webinar for your community, or allow them to guest post on your site are just three ways you could do this.

4. Have a specific call to action at the end of your interviews, letting listeners know how they can connect with you and join your community. Offering anything for free is typically A-OK, but in general, check with the host if it’s okay to offer something to their audience.

5. Keep getting interviewed and have patience! Don’t get interviewed on 3, 4 or 5 shows and suddenly expect your business to boom. Relationships take time to be created, nurtured and developed.

Lastly, remember that podcast interviews are just one part of a successful marketing platform. In order to get a return on investment, you need to be creating content in many other ways! Make sure you’re blogging, creating videos, podcasting, and interacting on social media.

When I get new clients and followers who heard me guest on a podcast, they usually say “I heard you on this podcast, then I checked out your videos, read your blog and listened to your podcast. I’d love to set up a time to talk about how you can help me.”

If you’re doing all of this on a consistent and persistent basis, your business will grow!

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