Behind the Scenes of The Podcast Producers with Corey Coates

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I explore the art and business of podcasting with Corey Coates, the co-founder of PodFly Productions. During the show, Corey and I have a conversation about the Podcast Producer series. We’ll discuss how and why we created the series, the topics covered, and what we came to learn about podcasting.


Key Lessons Learned:


Origin of Podcast Producers

  • The aim was for a chaptered approach and covering the bigger topics on podcasting.
  • Rather than interviewing a person on their opinion on a single topic, Corey wanted to have a topic and interview multiple people on it.
  • There are so many opinions and approaches to podcasting that there is no right or wrong way to podcast and use podcasting.
  • Corey was looking for a way to ‘soften’ the information, especially for rookies entering as new podcasters.
  • The long form of the series is a reminder to people of what podcasting is.


10 Hours of Podcast in 2 Months

  • Corey sent Jessica a one-sheet proposal of the show of what he wanted it to sound like along with a sample pilot.
  • The goal was to have open ended conversations about the industry as a whole, what people are doing within the space, brainstorm topics and ideas, then start arranging them in a story.
  • The constraint was set around the project before work started.
  • When parameters are decided, then a timeline can be built around that.
  • When you are overwhelmed by a project, it is easy to shut down, but if you have a timeline, it is much easier to trust in the system.


Establishing A Launch Date

  • Establish your launch date fast and stick to it.
  • Having a pre-determined launch date helped with the Podcast Producers workflow.
  • There was a chart that laid out the workflow so it was clear on when activities such as brainstorming, recording, and editing were going to happen.
  • A launch date is critical for being accountable to yourself, your team, and your listeners.
  • Knowing you have an end date is motivation for you to finish.


Passion & Power of No

  • The overarching theme has to be an enjoyment of the process.
  • If the process itself isn’t a reward, you might want to consider not launching a podcast.
  • It’s so easy to say yes to opportunities, but there is a lot of power in saying no.
  • Ask yourself what the ROI is and how making a podcast will improve your business.
  • Podcasts are evergreen and will continue to be discovered on a daily basis by new people.
  • The more interviews you do, the more you improve as an interviewer and host.


The Podcast Producers’ Ten Topics


  1. Is anybody out there?
  • This episode is about podcasting from the perspective of the listener.
  • Who is actually out there listening to these shows?


  1. Hobby or Business?
  • John Lee Dumas sparked a surge of entrepreneurs in podcasting.


  1. The Podcasting Community
  • How open and friendly the community is in sharing information.


  1. The Psychology of Podcasting
  • Why are we doing this in the first place?
  • What happens psychologically with the audience when people listen to a podcast?
  • Should people stop listening to experts?
  • If you become an expert, should you worry about the imposter syndrome?


  1. Stats
  • Experts explain the facts about stats.


  1. Isolation


  1. DIY or Outsource
  • More people are entering the space and providing services to podcasters.


  1. Podcast Networks
  • What goes into being in a network?


  1. Monetization
  • The Dumas affect.
  • Do you understand what it means to make money in a podcast?
  • Knowing the expectation of advertisers.
  • Is it a viable source of income for you?
  • The CPM model.


  1. Radio Migration


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