IC019: Podcast Promo Products Guide

Download Link | iTunes | Stitcher Radio | Google Play | Margy is saving kittens on the highway and Jess is back from a very zen vacay! This episode features an interview with our favorite promo products guy, Phil Brakefield!

Jess has used a bunch of promo products companies, and they pretty much all sucked. Some were wicked expensive, others made horrible mistakes and other sites were just confusing to navigate.

Phil is a super nice guy and you can just email and tell him what you want. He gets it for you at a reasonable price, and he also knows a lot about what kinds of products get more traction in different markets.

1. Do people ever get stemless wine glasses? Can I have four?

  • People DO get wine glasses- there are over 1 million items available!
  • You can’t get 4 because promo products are based on quantity, so just 4 would be very expensive
  • Better off doing “print on demand” for something like that

2. What types of swag are the most popular?

  • Standards in the industry that are always effective are: mugs, totes and pens
  • Cell phone chargers and screen cleaners are very popular now
  • SO many hats
  • Sometimes you will be surprised by what is and isn’t popular

3. Why should I have swag for my business?

  • DONE CORRECTLY, it’s an important part of your branding/messaging mix
  • You have to use the correct swag for your target audience (e.g. AARP crowd may not want phone chargers)
  • 70% of people you give a calendar to plan to do business with your company within the next year
  • Gain exposure through a useful, attractive and fun product

4. Do we have the cutest logo of any of your clients?

  • YES!
  • Good idea to minimize your logo and use a fun phrase instead (like #rockthepodcast!)

5. Why does orange look like sh*tty soda?

  • All manufacturers have at least one item that just doesn’t look great
  • Colors can come out badly on products if you’re not careful
  • Some shades of orange look sh*tty

6. How often do your clients tell you that their swag resembles a sex toy?

  • Only with Jess (LOL it was supposed to be a microphone)

7. What are the cheapest promo products that have the highest perceived value?

  • It depends on what the nature of your show/business is
  • Phil advises people to let him help them hone in on their message and their target audience
  • Then they give Phil their budget and he comes up with the best product
  • The key is NOT to go for the cheapest, but understand what is the most money you can comfortably spend reaching your IDEAL client
  • Things that always work like pens and mugs may not fit the profile of your podcast
  • Think about message first and reverse engineer from there

8. Is it worth it to sell your own swag?

  • If you want to do that, you should go through the pain of becoming a promo products distributor, which allows you to buy things at a lower price
  • Beware: it’s an involved process to become a distributor
  • If you have a really fun product that’s popular, you may be able to make a profit selling it
  • You can do a Shopify store and automate it

Resources Mentioned:

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Pema Chodron

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Eckhart Tolle

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