IC018: How To Rock The Podcast From Both Sides Of The Mic with Ty Crandall

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Jess has found a passion for antigravity yoga, and Margy is obsessed with a new podcast! Then, listen to our interview with expert host AND guest, Ty Crandall, and a new segment called Would you Rather?! Podcast Edition!

Interview with Ty Crandall

What does Ty do for fun?

  • First of all, Ty finds work FUN!
  • Ty loves to go boating and he has his pilot’s license!

What does Ty watch on TV?

  • Ty spends most of his free time staying active with his kids, so not much TV
  • Ty and his wife do enjoy Big Brother and The Profit!
  • He likes to be always learning or doing something productive

How does Ty stay SO positive?

  • Every bad thing is an opportunity to help you level up and get out of your comfort zone
  • You have to experience pain to find what makes you happy, so all experiences are GOOD!

Did Ty start as a host or a guest?

  • Ty heard Jessica talking about podcasting
  • He then repurposed his webinars into podcast episodes, and months later had thousands of downloads!
  • Only at 6 months in did they start actually interviewing, up until then it was just webinar content
  • Interview Connections started booking more guests on Ty’s show, and then booking Ty as a guest!

What are the benefits of interviewing guests and being interviewed?

  • Relationships are the biggest benefit- amazing people with amazing stories
  • Ty has met people who are now his good friends through interviews!
  • Ty runs into people at live events who he has previously met on interviews
  • Huge SEO benefits from podcast interviews
  • All the interviews establish Ty’s credibility
  • 10-15% of Ty’s customers come from podcasting

Would You Rather?! PODCAST EDITION!

We’re judging shows based on the title alone! Would you rather listen to…..

  1. Thank God I’m an atheist OR Hugs from Heaven?!
  2. Love Me OR Wolf it Down?!
  3. Meditate with Mitch OR Meditate This?!
  4. Laser Time OR We’re Alive: Lockdown?!
  5. Flow Dreaming OR Ask the Cyber Dating Expert?!
  6. Magic Animal Club Podcast OR The History of the Ottoman Empire?!

Ty’s 2016 Episode on #RockThePodcast

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Jim Palmer

Dream Biz Academy

My Favorite Murder



Thank God I’m an Atheist Podcast

Hugs from Heaven Podcast

Love Me Podcast

Wolf it Down Podcast
Meditate with Mitch Podcast

Meditate This! Podcast

Laser Time Podcast

We’re Alive: Lockdown Podcast

Flow Dreaming Podcast

Ask the Cyber Dating Expert Podcast

Magic Animal Club Podcast

The History of the Ottoman Empire Podcast