IC020: Productivity with Amber De La Garza

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Margy has a fancy new title and Jess is free from her gym membership and committing to her yoga practice. Then, Jess and Margy interview one of our #RockThePodcast listeners, Amber De La Garza, who we met at Podcast Movement! Finally, stay tuned for our favorite segment: “Would You Rather… Listen To?”

Interview with Amber De La Garza:

How did you find #RockThePodcast?

  • Amber was in her learning phase about how to be a great host and guest
  • Googling these terms, she came across the show!

How many podcast do you listen to?

  • Too many!!
  • For some shows, Amber listens to every episode, and for other shows, she downloads only episodes that are specific to what she is currently learning for her business
  • As a productivity specialist, Amber warns against information overload from too many podcasts
  • Amber also categorizes her shows (she uses Stitcher for Android)
  • Margy only subscribes to My Favorite Murder
  • Jess has cut back the number of shows she subscribes to to limit info overload

When should entrepreneurs start their day and what is the ideal morning routine?

  • Amber calls this “bookending your day”
  • She recommends FOUR routines- so you can stay on track but still have the flexibility to address the unexpected
  • The four routines are:
    • personal morning routine
    • professional morning routine (when you hit the office)
    • evening routine (as you leave office)
    • nighttime/personal bedtime routine
  • Weave little habits into these four routines
  • There is no RIGHT time for everyone to start the day; it depends on you, your natural routine and your lifestyle

Mindfulness practice suggests that multitasking is NOT the best way to approach tasks. How do you feel?

  • Amber has strong beliefs about multitasking
  • She used to take pride in her ability, and now realizes it’s a myth
  • What we call multitasking is actually “switch tasking” and is very inefficient
  • It can be an unconscious stress crutch and also disrespectful to people around you

Tell us about your systems for your show, Productivity Straight Talk.

  • Amber has been launched for 3 months
  • She stays a few episodes ahead
  • Amber uses Trello to organize her show info
  • Amber creates content and has her team/systems do the rest

Would you rather…LISTEN TO?!

  • Hostile World: Exploring Our Universe OR Science Monkey
  • Drugs and Stuff OR We Have Concerns
  • Emotional Management OR The Self-Help Podcast
  • Inglorious Pasterds OR Pray-As-You-Go
  • What She Wants OR Tinder Tales
  • Filthy Casuals OR No Time for Travel

Resources Mentioned:

Podcast Movement

Amber De La Garza

Productivity Straight Talk



My Favorite Murder


Pema Chodron

The Myth of MultiTasking




Count Boogie

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