IC017: How Long Does it Take? Featuring Chris Dayley

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Jess knows she’s fancy because she got turned away from a restaurant in Montreal, and Margy is clearing negative energy like a champ! Then an interview with Chris Dayley of Disruptive Advertising about the ROI of podcast interviews for his business. And stay tuned as Jess and Margy debut the Missed Connections segment!

Interview with Chris Dayley:

  • Why podcasts are so great for content creators who dislike writing
  • The reason for sticking with podcasting (even if results aren’t immediate)
  • Is preparing for interviews overrated?
  • Networking with hosts
  • What makes a good host?

Craigslist Missed Connections Segment:

Margy and Jess read Craigslist missed connections and offer these lovesick locals their top tips on respecting boundaries at the supermarket and taking responsibility for fixing your electronics.

Resources Mentioned:

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