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Jess is washing her walls with salt water to ward off negative energy, and Margy visits her first cat cafe in Brooklyn. Jess and Margy discuss the different styles of podcasting, and then interview Jonathan Messinger, producer of an amazing fiction podcast!

Different Kinds of Podcasts:

The style that is right for you depends on your brand, style and interest.

  1. Interview: Great for connecting with potential clients and bringing a variety of expertise to your audience.
  2. Solo Show: You have to be really entertaining! Examples are Grammar Girl and School of Podcasting by Dave Jackson. Dave is an introvert, which may be part of why he is such an excellent solo podcaster!
  3. Co-Hosted/Roundtable: We love Guys We F%$#@, co-hosted by two comedians. Choose your co-host wisely.
  4. Fiction: More like an audio book. Takes a lot of work to write the story!
  5. Journalism: Examples are Serial and Casefile (Margy loves crime shows!)
  6. News/Current Events: Not evergreen, but a great way to educate yourself about what’s happening. We love Congressional Dish, hosted by Jen Briney!
  7. Fan Podcasts: PLEASE do one for #Rockthepodcast. Jess has been a guest on The Walking Deadcast!

Jonathan Messinger is 7 Feet Tall and Surrounded by Robots:

1. How is it podcasting with your son?

  • Really fun
  • He is a very critical editor!
  • It’s very helpful because Jonathan can get feedback on the story before recording

2. What voice changer technology do you use? (Jonathan does all the voices in the show)

  • Plug ins: Waves Sound-Shifter, little Alter boy from Sound Toys, another Waves plug in called Morphoder

3. How did you come up with the idea for the show?

  • Was originally going to make a children’s book
  • Had the idea to do it as a podcast so the audience could be more involved

4. What is your writing process?

  • Procrastinate as long as possible
  • General outline of story, but episodes incorporate kids’ ideas that they write in

5. Where do you come up with story ideas?

  • Riff on elements of classic children’s books
  • Kids write in with ideas i.e. what animals live in space?

6. Do you ever feel weird sitting alone in your basement making alien noises?

  • Yes

7. Do people without kids listen to your show too?

  • Mostly for kids, but some jokes for the parents, too!
  • Geared towards 5-8 years old (Jessica’s 4 year old son loves it)

8. Tell us about leaving your job to podcast full time?

  • Really optimistic about monetizing
  • Audience growing steadily, at about 10,000 per episode right now
  • Not a lot of advertisers that are right for children
  • Created company called Gen Z Kids
  • Might pitch it as a kids’ TV show (Jess and Nathan would love to watch it!)

9. Why did your election episode make Jess cry?!

  • So bogged down, and his creativity felt stifled
  • Jonathan realized that he was overloading his kids with politics because he was so absorbed by it
  • It’s important to stay positive and creative, and let kids stay kids regardless of the political climate

Resources Mentioned:

School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson

Grammar Girl

Guys We F*&%$

The Podcast Producers



Jen Briney

Congressional Dish

The Walking Deadcast

Waves Sound-Shifter

Little Alter Boy From Sound Toys

Waves plug in called Morphoder

The Wild Robot

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel







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