IC015: Secrets to Team Building at Interview Connections


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Episode 15: Secrets to Team Building at Interview Connections

Today’s episode features interviews with the booking agents of Interview Connections, Margy’s life story (as told by Margy), and Jess and Margy discussing their biggest leadership strengths and struggles.

Interview with Agent Ann Ducharme:

  • Ann loves to learn new things, and working at interview Connections is an opportunity for her to learn something totally new
  • Ann’s tip is to give your team opportunities to spend quality time together as people (after work or during work)

Interview with Agent Zach Davis:

  • Zach came to Interview Connections because he was looking for a life change away from the hospitality industry
  • Zach’s tip is don’t micromanage! Trust your team.

The Story of Margy

  • Margy went to the University of Rhode Island and double majored in Art and Latin (So basically it’s a miracle she has a job at all)
  • Jess hired Margy as an environmental canvasser for Clean Water Action in 2011, which is how they met
  • Jess sent Margy to the Austin office and became her mentor; Margy went to Austin and never came back (she was living her truth as a 22 year old flake)
  • After spending 2 years in Taiwan, Jess and Margy got back in touch
  • Margy’s dad died by suicide, and Jess adopted her dad’s cat
  • Margy moved to Colorado, and left her sales job in jewelry to work for the Interview Connections team as a contractor
  • Margy moved back to Rhode Island, which allowed her to become the first in house employee of the business, complete with a comically large cat name plate! #SheSaidYes

Margy’s Leadership Plus and Focus:

Plus- Flexibility, Loyalty and Empathy

Focus- Seeking First to Understand, Patience

Jess’s Leadership Plus and Focus:

Plus- Level-Headedness, Communication and Great People Skills

Focus- Planning Ahead, Slowing Down

Resources Mentioned:

Clean Water Action

Strengths Finder

Creating Disney Magic podcast

The 5 Love Languages


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