IC013: It’s Time to Sell with Chris Spurvey


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On today’s episode, Jess and Margy interview Canadian business executive turned podcaster, Chris Spurvey. Chris shares how he balances his personal brand with his executive role, his top sales mindset tips for entrepreneurs and how he stays so productive by working smart not hard.

Also in this episode: Margy is getting outdoorsy with a handsome gentleman friend, and Jess has seen the light about Himalayan salt lamps (see what we did there?!)

How Chris balances in his role as VP of Business Development for KPMG with his work as a sales/personal brand consultant:

-was lacking fulfillment in a large organization

-decided to write a book, which started his personal brand

-KPMG is very supportive of everything because his personal brand is helping word get out about the company

-people already know like and trust him because they have read his articles and listened to his shows

Chris’s journey with podcasting:

-Chris always had a dream of writing a book

-He used to think sales was “pushing people” and objection fighting, but began to see sales as more relationship based

-His own book is a narrative about him becoming comfortable with sales and finding success, but writing the book made him realize he didn’t have an audience to read it!

-Podcasting is a great platform builder and multiplier to connect with people at your level and above and tap into their audiences (and also learn a lot)

How entrepreneurs can be more authentic with potential clients:

-Observe your buyer’s emotions

-Help clients feel good about themselves in your presence

-Personal branding is key! EVERY entrepreneur should write or podcast to get their personality out there

-You can hire someone to help with your writing or podcast, so don’t let a lack of confidence hold you back

-As you grow your personal brand, you find your potential clients come to YOU

Chris puts out so much content. How does he stay SO productive?

-He used to run around like a chicken with his head cut off, but now he is a well-oiled content machine

-He got a VA, and they learned to work very well together

-Chris makes a short video, and his VA writes a draft of an article from that video and creates quote cards

-For the podcast, he creates an article instead of show notes

Resources Mentioned:


The Greatest Networker in the World

Mach II With Your Hair on Fire

Stand Out

Chris’s Book


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