IC011: Podcasting with Yann Ilunga and Improv Comedy Team Building

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This week’s episode is about repurposing your content and how Yann Ilunga vets guest experts for his 360 Entrepreneur Podcast. And later in the show, Jessica and Margy break down their experience of having an improv comedy workshop at the Interview Connections office.

Yann Ilunga Q & A

Yann is a successful podcast host and blog writer from the future, depending on where you call home. From his studio in Finland, he answers Jess’s and Margy’s questions about how he repurposes his content and how he determines who will be a great guest expert for his show.


Q. What are some ways podcasters and guest experts can repurpose their content?

A. Blogger, Vloggers and Podcasters often think about content at a surface level. Yann suggests approaching the topic from multiple angles.


Q. Why should a podcaster have show notes?

A. It’s a great opportunity to draw traffic to your website.

B. A listener can find all the information they need in one place.

C. Bulleted Timestamps could trigger someone’s interest.


Q. How does repurposing your podcast content expand the reach of your audience?

A. A blog post about your episode may entice your listener to dig a little deeper.


Q. How does Yann choose guests for his podcast?

A. Yann checks out their website and listens to other podcasts the guest may have been on.

B. Yann makes sure the guest is a good fit for his audience.


Improv in the Office

The team at Interview Connections recently welcomed improv comedian Melissa Bowler from the Providence Improv Guild (PIG) to their office for a comedy workshop and team building session.


The team participated in games exercises to learn lessons about:

1. Intent versus impact.

2. How to deal with unexpected change.

3. Why it’s important to listen before speaking.

4. Not to pick out other people’s failures.

5. Depending on your position in an organization, the company looks different.


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