IC010: Podcast Stats: How To Analyze, What’s Normal and How to Make Them Bigger

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This episode is all about understanding your podcast download stats. Jessica and Margy tell you how to analyze your stats, figure out what is normal and get more downloads.

Podcast Download Stats

Many podcasters don’t know which stats are relevant. This breakdown will help you better understand the data.

How to Analyze Download Stats:

1. The number of downloads you have does not equal the number of listeners you have.

2. Your monthly download number doesn’t paint a good picture of how popular your most recent episodes are.

3. The best way to analyze your stats to know how your podcast is doing right now is to look at how many downloads a single episode has after 30 days.

So, What’s Normal?

1. Podcasters don’t share their downloads, therefore no baseline can be created.

2. Listen to the official Libsyn podcast, The Feed for median stats.

3. Listen to Episode 8 of this podcast for the percentage of your subscribers who are actually listening to your podcast.

4. Have realistic expectations about how many people are interested in your niche content.

How to Get More Podcast Downloads

1. Create a better podcast.

2. Do not ask your audience to subscribe, rate and review your podcast every single, freakin’ time.

  • Edison Research data says most listeners are not subscribing. They click play on an episode they want to listen to.

3. Stop using your podcast to push your product.

  • Try entertaining or educating your listeners to gain loyalty.

Jess Found Love in a Hopeless Place

An Interview Connection’s office saga inspired today’s segment. To sum up: Interview Connections business is growing. Jess recognizes a new phone system is needed. Installation not as planned. Jess meets April. April is funny but problems persist. Jess frequently on with tech support. Jess meets Jeremy.  All is right in the world.

Lessons Learned:

1. If you switch to VOIP make sure your router supports it.

2. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your own Jeremy.

Resources Mentioned:

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@InterviewConnections on Instagram

The Feed Podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show

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The Podcast Producers Season 3

Edison Research


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