IC009: Getting Booked with Ali Brown

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This week, hosts Jessica and Margy welcome the amazing Ali Brown. Ali is the host of the popular podcast Glambition Radio. She shares her strategies for weeding through pitches, handpicking guests, and what keeps her show the leader in its category.  And in the new “Basic Pitches by Basic B*tches” segment,  you’ll find out what to do (and what not to do), when you get a really bad guest pitch.

Ali Brown

Ali Brown is the woman Business News Daily called “The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women.” She has been featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, and has been interviewed on many major media outlets.

What factors are in play when Ali screens possible podcast guests?

● They must be female leaders and change makers.

● They must have a decent following on social media.

● Their story has to fit her specific show.


How does Ali evaluate the podcasts she goes on?

● The host must make 7 figures or, be on the verge of breaking 7 figures.

● Their audience must be her target audience.

● She must enjoy the show topic.

● It must be an elevated conversation around great content.

Ali says she started her podcast because it was a way to get creative, and it allowed her access to the high-level women she wanted to talk to. Her advice to podcast hosts is to get clear about what you love, to speak your truth, and remember there is always more than one way to accomplish what you want.

Basic Pitches by Basic B*tches

Jessica and Margy tell you what to do (and not do), when you receive bad pitches.

When you get a bad pitch:

1. Skim through it to see if it might be a good fit.

2. Reply, even if the answer is no, and tell them why the answer is no.

3. Send the person this link — How to Pitch a Podcaster Ep #102.

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