IC008: Make Your Podcast Shareable featuring Perry Marshall

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Welcome to Rock the Podcast! Hosts Jessica and Margy welcome the author of the controversial book, Evolution 2.0, Perry Marshall. Perry tells us why he wrote the book, why podcasting is a great way to get exposure for your business, and the importance of adaptation.

Perry Marshall — Author

You may know Perry from his best-selling marketing guides, Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing. Perry says his new book, Evolution 2.0, started as a side project, and isn’t rooted in religion or biology, like many assume. It’s written from a business and technology perspective. It twists away from the normal philosophical conversation about evolution.

To spread the word about his new book, Perry enlisted Interview Connections to find him podcast hosts who didn’t mind delving into the taboo. Jessica and Margy admit it was difficult, but they stuck with it, eventually finding a niche in health-related podcasts.

Perry Says Being a Guest on Podcasts:

  • Sells his books.
  • Makes the most of his publicity budget.
  • Introduces him to new audiences he may never have had access to before.
  • Allows him a deeper connection with the audience, because he is directly in their ear.

Word of Mouth Winner

  • Both Margy and Jess are hooked on the S-Town Podcast. It is on the top of the iTunes charts, and has an ever-growing loyal following. Margy wasn’t going to take the time to download it, but she heard about from so many people she just had to listen.
  • S-Town proves that if you put in the work and make a really great podcast, it will pay off. So, check out Brian Reed’s rich stories and characters, and tell him Jess and Margy sent ya.

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