IC007: How To Start A Podcast Featuring Rob Greenlee of Spreaker

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Welcome to Rock the Podcast! Hosts Jessica and Margy welcome one of the founding fathers of podcasting, Rob Greenlee of Spreaker. Rob shares his masterful knowledge of:

● The value of attending live podcast events.

● Why engagement is more valuable than the size of your audience.

● Podcasting 101: The technical steps to starting a podcast.

Rob Greenlee of Spreaker

Rob says early podcasters were winging it. There were no best practices, standards or methods back in 2004. It was common place for hosts to experiment with different formats, genres and content.

Why are live events good for podcasters:

● They create a personal relationship between the listener and the host.

● They are a great place to share your podcast. (Podcasting is still a word of mouth medium.)

● Face-to-face time with your listeners can give a host insight on what content listeners want to hear.

● They bring the virtual podcast world into the real world.


Podcast Statistics

For whatever reason, podcast stats continue to be a closely held secret. Spreaker makes podcast stats accessible to help podcast hosts:

● Know their audience.

● Monetize their show.

Rob says podcasting is known to be an ‘ad-free’ or an ‘ad-light’ medium. A true measure of a show’s success is how engaged listeners are, not how many advertisers a show has.


Podcasting 101 — How to Start a Podcast

Spreaker makes it really easy for anyone to start a podcast. They provide free software that works with Skype to record up to 4 people at once. The software also has auto ducking which automatically lowers intro music when the host starts speaking.

5 Easy Steps to Starting A Podcast

1. Record or live stream to create a mp3 file.

2. Find a hosting provider to distribute your mp3 to listening platforms.

3. Create album artwork, a show title and a description.

4. Submit an RSS feed.

5. Get your podcast out there!


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