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How We Got Our Client 100k Views Overnight

We get asked by a lot of people if we can get them on BIG shows. The answer is… maybe. The first requirement is that YOU must be a great fit for those shows. We can hustle to find the biggest shows, write the best pitch in the world, and get you a meeting with the producer, but if you fail to sell yourself as a great guest when you meet that producer, no agency can help you. Confidence is everything when you are a guest expert on podcasts or any media outlet.

I recently booked our client Jen Briney on The Young Turks network (which has 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube) Her episode had over 100,000 views overnight! Let’s go over how I made this interview happen:

1.) I did the work

  • I found out WHO the pitch should go to. The best pitch to the wrong person won’t result in a booking.
  • Here at Interview Connections, we have relationships with thousands of hosts and producers who trust us and are willing to do a warm intro for us to a big show when we want to pitch our client to them.
  • Next, I follow up consistently and respectfully until I get a reply.

2.) Pre-interview meeting with the producers

  • The biggest shows on Apple Podcasts and YouTube are very strict with who they have on their show. If these shows are going to take a guest from a pitch, they will almost always have a pre-interview meeting to make sure it’s a good fit. If you have the opportunity to do a pre interview call or in person meeting with a big show, take it!
  • Instead of trying to get a yes right from the initial pitch, I first suggest a meeting over coffee. Essentially, I want to open the door to a conversation with my client and the producer because I know, once they meet, the interview will naturally fall into place.
  • As Booking Agents, we can book you on a lot of great shows. The biggest shows, however, require some work from you too! Having a meeting with the producer yourself to seal the deal is key.

3.) Be willing to travel to the show

  • Most podcasts are recorded remotely, which quite frankly, is part of the appeal! No travel but great exposure! Well, for shows with a huge audience, being willing to travel to their studio is often necessary.

If you are interested in working with Interview Connections to get booked on big shows in your niche, apply here! A member of our team will contact you to set up a call and see if we’re a good fit.