What to Do 10 Minutes before a Podcast

rockthecast | Dec 10, 2015

clockWhether you’re hosting a podcast or appearing on one as a guest, there are several small things I recommend you do before a podcast recording starts to ensure a high quality recording. Here they are:

  1. Close all applications and restart your computer
  2. Go to the bathroom and get a glass of water
  3. Is it winter? Turn off the space heater. Is it summer? Turn off fans or ACs.
  4. Stand up, touch your toes, then reach for the sky…stretch out!
  5. Write the host/guests name on a post it and stick it on your monitor; this will help you remember to say their name throughout your interview.
  6. 60 seconds before the recording, send a Skype message saying “ready when you are!”

Curious what you should do after the recording? It’s simple: say thank you! Whether you’re the guest or the host… whether you’re doing a new podcaster a favor by being on their show or you just had your biggest guest ever on yours, show your gratitude.

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