IC025: Clarifying Your Message By Appearing on Podcasts

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Margy and Jess are excited about their new podcast, Womensplaining! This episode features an interview and strategy session with our client, Aaron Hendon.

Why did you start getting interviewed on podcasts?

  • Aaron was planning on writing a book and wanted to do interviews to promote credibility and practice telling his story

How have you grown through this process?

  • Aaron is a residential RE agent, and he was looking to build credibility online
  • He puts all interviews on his press page
  • Aaron has become a better speaker from doing interviews
  • He wasn’t aware of what his audience wanted, and found his content wasn’t as interesting to others as he thought
  • Through feedback, Aaron has become a better guest and better at speaking to people in his professional life
  • Often when an interview doesn’t go well, you learn the most from it

What are the biggest victories you’ve celebrated this year?

  • Aaron did his first 3 million dollar month!
  • The work in Aaron’s business is finding people and talking to them
  • Podcasts have helped him improve in his career talking to people
  • Aaron has been able to finish his book because of inspiration from podcasts and hosts
  • He has been booked on 40 shows, and will email all those hosts when his book is out
  • A conversation with a podcast host is what developed one of the key pieces of the book
  • Podcasting as a guest can be a big part of your creative process

Tell us more about the book

  • It’s a look at the psychology people use to approach buying their home (which is the same as how they pick a restaurant for dinner!)
  • To do it more rationally, you have to do different things
  • This book is for people in the US buying or selling who are information seekers
  • Many listeners of podcasters are information seekers, which is a good match for Aaron’s target market

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Joe Fairless

Aaron Hendon

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