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How To Use Social Media to Promote Your Podcast Interviews

Once you #RockthePodcast with some great podcast interviews, it’s time to help spread the word and get your message out there!  While podcast hosts will most likely be promoting your episode on social media, it is important that you do your own promotion if you want to get the greatest ROI.

Here are 3 simple tips for using social media to promote your podcast interviews:

1. Consistently post your interviews.  When you know your episode is live, post a link on your social media, so your followers can hear the interview.  You can’t rely on the host to promote.  Take the initiative and share your interviews with your social network.

2. Give people a reason to listen to the interview. – Don’t just post a link and leave it at that.  Write a quick blurb to entice people into clicking that link and listening to the interview. Share a great quote, memorable moment or even create your own awesome promographic to drive people to the interview.

3. Maximize engagements. No matter what social media platform you are using, make sure you tag the host and any business/podcast pages. When you do this, you are notifying the host and their network of your interview and will get the greatest reach.  If a host posts the episode themselves (and hopefully tags you), respond with a like/comment/share/etc. Show your appreciation and share the love!  And don’t forget to do the same when listeners are commenting on the interviews as well.

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