Finding Your Purpose in Life with Rick Martinez

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Rick Martinez, who is a veteran registered nurse, writer, and successful entrepreneur. Rick has been named by San Antonio Business Journal as one of the city’s 40 under 40. His first company was named as one of the US Small Business Administration’s top 100 companies.  During the show, we discuss purpose hacking, the ‘bink’ moment, life pivots, and what Rick learned from his recent book launch.


Main Questions Asked:

  • – How did you come to decide you wanted to help people discover their purpose in life?
  • – Do people find their purpose in life through the work that they do?
  • – What do you mean by the ‘bink’ moment?
  • – How is Project Bink structured, and what does the business look like?
  • – What is a purpose hack?
  • – Tell us about the marketing for Project Bink, Purpose Hack, and Life Pivot.
  • – What were some of the successes and lessons learned from your book launch?


Key Lessons Learned:

Have you found your purpose in life? Do you recognize those moments that steer you towards it?



  • – Finding one’s purposes is often perceived as finding the meaning of life. Purpose is simply living the life of deeper meaning.
  • – Rather than going through imposter syndrome and thinking ‘Who am I?’ instead make the choice of thinking ‘Why not me!’ and change the action to ‘I’m going to do these things.’
  • – Purpose isn’t a thing we have to go and find; it is something that is within and grows within us.
  • – We shouldn’t go chasing after our purpose, but rather chase the things that mean the most to us.
  • – Purpose doesn’t have an age limitation. There are younger people with their lives together, and older people who don’t.
  • – You don’t have to be a monk or climb mountains to find meaning in your life.
  • – Purpose isn’t about one thing, but about taking many things that fulfill us and make us whole.


The Bink Moment

  • – This is essentially an “ah-ha” moment when you discover the purpose and reason for wholeness in life and the things that fulfill you.
  • – Involves asking the question ‘What does this mean’ during critical and pivotal life moments.
  • – Rick offers a simple systematic way for people to find their ‘bink moment’ and purpose quicker.


Purpose Hacking

  • – Hacking is a way to do the things in your life that matter the most to you.
  • – This is about a bigger picture and a way to create more meaning and value in your life.
  • – People are into the ‘hacking’ lifestyle because they want to serve something bigger and greater than they are.


Marketing & the Book Launch

  • – Rick approached his marketing efforts from a startup perspective and built a website, established a presence, and added an opt-ins, and pop-ups to capture leads to build the list.
  • – The biggest mistake in his book launch was taking too long to get the book out, which was two years.
  • – The book is self-published straight to Amazon and had a release that was pushed out to friends and people within the circle of influence for a free launch copy.
  • – It’s important to decide on the goal of your book. Is it about being a bestseller or promoting the message?
  • – The strategy was to allow people to get the book for free by using landing pages in order to promote the message.
  • – Being a bestseller is an ego boost, but if your book is a marketing tool for your business, then it’s about getting into the hands of potential clients.


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