How to Make Your Interviews Conversational

rockthecast | Jun 25, 2015


We all say we have conversational interviews…but how many of us actually do?

By rephrasing your questions in a very minor way, you can adjust the tone of your interview to be 10 times more conversational! So, instead of asking a question, instead, ask your guest to tell you more about a specific topic.

Not sure what I mean? Let me give you an example.

Most interviews start out with the guest giving more information about their background, right? So, pick something they said in their intro and instead of just going to your first prepared question, say “I heard you say something in your intro that really interested me…can you talk more about…(fill in the blank). This topic may or may not have anything to do with your prepared questions but it makes the interview more of an organic conversation and more enjoyable to the listeners.
As the host, you can bring the conversation back to the prepared topic at hand but when you simply say “tell me more” it gives the guest the freedom to share more information and more stories, not just answer your questions.

One last tip: focus in your interviews are making the guest look really good. Be open and friendly about sharing their website and social media information throughout the conversation so listeners are able to connect with them right away. Guests will be incredibly appreciative that you’re spotlighting them and be more willing to share and promote the episode when it goes live!

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