3 Mistakes Interview Based Podcasters Are Making

rockthecast | Oct 9, 2014

In my line of work booking podcast guests, I see a lot of mistakes being made between podcasters and their guests. The whole goal in your podcast should be to build strong relationships but these 3 mistakes you’re about to read are preventing that from happening!

Here are 3 mistakes I see happening:

  1. Sending out a general ‘cut and paste’ pitch template to potential guests. It is so important that when you invite a guest on your podcast, they feel like the invitation is genuine and personalized. Take the time to tweak your pitch template so the person receiving it feels like it was written just for them.
  2. Make guests fill out a long form before the interview answering questions that will be asked in the interview. If you want to know what my favorite book is, ask me during the podcast.
  3. Check their audio and recording with the guest. When you connect with the guest on Skype, you need to be confident and ready to hit record. Find a friend or mentor who can do a test call with you before so you don’t waste the time of your guest.

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