Steps to Take to Get Booked as a Guest Expert

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I speak on how to reach out to podcast hosts to present yourself and get booked as a guest expert.

Key Lessons Learned:

Why Podcast Interviews?

  • You are speaking to a targeted and engaged audience who is there to learn.
  • People will feel like they know you.
  • It allows you to create relationships with partners in your industry.
  • People spend more time with a podcast than they do with a blog.

Are You Ready for the Spotlight?

  • Podcasters want guests on the show that have content to share.
  • Start creating content on your own platform before going out and getting it on everyone else’s platform.
  • The ideal scenario is to do a trade. Be on someone’s show and have them on your show. 
  • Personal branding is important. Make sure to position yourself as a celebrity and have a strong social media presence. 
  • Have a product or service that people actually want.

Pitch the Right Shows

  • Be clear on who your target audience is and reverse engineer it by finding podcasts they would be listening to.
  • What are the pain points of your target audience?
  • Source shows from iTunes, Stitcher, and Google.
  • Don’t just aim to be on ‘big shows.’

Write a Solid Pitch Letter

  • Do your due diligence.
  • Figure out who the target audience is and what the goal of the podcast is.
  • Listen to the podcast and get to know the host so you can mirror the humor.
  • Articulate who you are, what your content is, and how that content will be valuable to the listeners.
  • The podcasters’ goal is to bring valuable content to their audience.

Contact and Follow Up

  • A phone conversation is the most effective way to pitch a podcaster.
  • Social media is a great way to get in touch as a first point of call.
  • Ask to pitch. It seems counter intuitive, but it builds ‘yeses.’
  • When you can get the host to say yes multiple times, they are more likely to say yes.
  • Follow up on pitches.

Interview Prep

  • Make the host’s job as easy as possible.
  • Give them everything they need and be a great communicator.
  • Include the guest bio in third person, headshot and Skype ID, and your interview talking points or questions.
  • Schedule the interview promptly.
  • Make sure you have a decent microphone. An ATR2100 is about $50.
  • Listen to the podcast before you appear on the show.

Deliver Amazing Content

  • Remember, you are there to add value not pitch.
  • You will attract people to you through your free knowledge.
  • Thank the host for having you on the show.
  • Tailor content to match the audience.
  • Use the host’s; name they will like you more and promote you more.
  • Incorporate stories into your interview.
  • Stories position you as being credible and have experience rather than spouting facts and scenario.
  • Don’t hold back; give a lot of value.
  • Podcasts are pitch-free zones, so plant seeds instead of sell.
  • Compliment and promote the host’s business. Figure out what they are trying to promote.

Have a Call to Action

  • The goal is to drive targeted traffic to your site and collect emails.
  • The best way to do this is deliver an interview with personality and compelling content.
  • Ensure your call to action is clear, specific, and easy to remember.
  • Have one call to action rather than give too much.
  • Ideas include a video series, free call or consultation, webinar, book, and PDFs.
  • The call to action must be related to what you were interviewed on.

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