Why Podcast Interviews are not “Publicity”

I am Jessica Rhodes, and I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mic.

I just got back from exhibiting and speaking at Podcast Movement. Oh my gosh, what a successful event. We have signed up tons of new clients. I have been on the phone nonstop getting people signed up, welcoming new clients, getting bookings done. It’s been a really great problem to have, and one of the questions that I had been answering is basically addressing the difference between a podcast as a form of publicity versus a way to build your relationships with people in business and how that can lead to new clients and sales in your business.

When you are interviewed on TV or on radio or interviewed for a magazine or online publication, that is publicity. You are trying to get in front of the biggest audience to have that as-seen-on logo on your website and get the credibility that comes with being recognized in that form of media. While being on a podcast technically, it’s a form of publicity. We are the media, us podcasters, where you will see the biggest return on your investment, and the most new business from podcasts is actually with the relationships that you form and you grow and you nurture with the people that interview you with the host of those shows and with the listeners that you connect with personally after that interview goes live.

Remember that. Being on a podcast is not just about going on the biggest shows. Obviously, there is space for getting on the biggest shows possible, because again, there’s that credibility of being in the media. Really, what you want to be focusing on is sometimes small but really niche podcasts that are exactly your target market and that are hosted by somebody who is your ideal client. Remember that. Look at who the host is and go on shows that is speaking to your target market.

I am Jessica Rhodes. I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. Check out my site jessicarhodes.biz for my blog, my videos, and my podcast. If you want to learn how we can get you booked for interviews, go to interviewconnections.com. All right, we’ll talk to you next Tuesday.

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