129: Why Am I Rebranding The Podcast

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Jessica takes her own advice, and closes the door on what was the Rhodes to Success Podcast. Now, if you feel like you just lost a best friend, don’t get out your black suit yet. In this case, parting is such sweet sorrow, because Jessica and team will be back next week as…. The Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic podcast!

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The rebranded podcast will include:

● Amazing co-hosts!

Margy Feldhuhn: The Chief Connections Officer for Interview Connections who oversees client operations.

Amanda Doughty: A top booker at Interview Connections who has her own podcast, Great Beer Adventures.

● A new logo!

● Even more relevant content!

● The spotlight of Interview Connections clients!

Lesson of the Show: Don’t rebrand and relaunch too often.

If you know someone who wants to be interviewed on podcasts or host a podcast, share the new and improved Interview Connections podcast with them. If you enjoy this show please share it with someone who needs this content. Click the share button in your podcast app — it’s that easy.

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Resources Mentioned:

Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic, by Jessica Rhodes

Work with Interview Connections

Podcast Discoverability episode

Great Beer Adventure

The Podcast Producers

*The music in today’s episode was written by The Danger Os, and produced by Nick Palmer. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/thedangerosmakemusic

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